Yes, it’s that time again. I wish everyone a favorable Yule/Solstice/Saturnalia celebration, and please try to remember that the reason for the season is to co-opt the traditions of Pagans, non-Christians, Romans and pretty much everyone else who wasn’t at one time on board with the birth of Baby Jesus, who was in all probability born around May 20th. He’s a fine guy, and I wholeheartedly wish you and he all the Merry best on his birth, but please for fuck’s sake stop pounding your fist in righteous indignation that someone has co-opted your Christmas with commercialism or non-religious pagentry. You have no claim on this season, but I’m still willing to share it. Even as a skeptic and infidel, I enjoy Nativity scenes and religious carols. It reminds me of the beauty of the season, the memories of my childhood, the reverence for a day of giving….and even Jesus blowing out his candles in May could understand that. I love Christmas, even if it’s not really Christmas at all. It’s a season of togetherness, of unity, of peace and happiness just to be with the ones you love. I totally dig it.

It’s also a time of good bowl games, and sales at the mall, and cool movies, and cool food that only comes around once a year. That’s not a slam on the Big J, it’s just another thing to smile about. Stop taking it personal, Christians, celebrate in your own way however you see fit and don’t demand that everyone else does exactly the same, too. Heck, if you want it all to yourselves, move the whole birth of the Big Guy up a couple months for some accuracy. That’ll show us.

There’s room for it all, I hate political correctness as much as anyone, in fact I want to kick the atheist who insists on removing religious idoltry from the town square for being a douche. But, there’s nothing holy about December 25th, so don’t get high and mighty and kill my fun with dour predictions of the demise of America because Kmart says “Happy Holidays” on their sales banner. It’s as much the Jew’s claim on it as yours, just chill out. Trust me, the whole season’s a lot more fun when you relax.

Seriously, have a wonderful and safe Christmas this year. Thank you for reading my blog, listening to my podcasts, and I hope your year is wonderful.