Podcast 10.0, Week of 2-13-11

This week we kick off talking about riding areas, what are your roads and offroading areas like? Then we announce the Dual Sport Podcast ride in WV, dates and locations. Also some talk about GPS units for dual sporting.

  • The official website for the Hatfield McCoy trails in WV.
  • Recommendations for the Garmin GPS units, the 60Csx, the Oregon 450 (I incorrectly called this model the Rino on the show, the Rino is a GMRS/GPS combo), and also the Zumo 660.\
  • Also recommended, using Tyre (a free route-planning tool) for your GPS travels.

Dual Sport Podcast, 2-13-11

Music playlist for the show…

Bumper: Guster – “Architects & Engineers”

Closing song: The Rescues – “Let Loose The Horses”